Disaster Game Family Preparedness Edition


Readiness for All

Disasters don't just impact companies and communities, they impact people.

The Family Preparedness Toolkit is a tool to assist individuals and families prepare for disaster. Although designed in game form and based on a standard deck of cards, it is not for casual play. It deals with serious (and sometimes deadly) crises that could impact you and your family, and the subject matter is mature in nature. Each card presents detailed and realistic events for use in discussion and preparation for the unexpected.

The Family Preparedness Toolkit features:

  • 52 Event Card Deck and a 52 Variable Card Deck, organized by Home, Family, Work, and Finances, allowing over 900 unique, randomly-generated, event scenarios
  • Die-roll-based variable determination
  • The ability to build exercises manually, selecting targeted events and variables, for pre-planned scenarios
  • The Simple Steps Guide to Family Preparedness: An included 16-page booklet that provides easy-to-follow, practical guidance to you and your family to elevate your readiness.

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